Ethan Ash - Playing By Numbers EP

Ethan Ash - Playing By Numbers EP

Artist: Ethan Ash

Album: Playing By Numbers EP


Rating: 5/5

It has been a whirlwind couple of years for Ethan ash since the release of his debut EP back in 2010 as he found himself on tour with the likes of Seth Lakeman and Ed Sheeran.

But this week the singer song-writer is back with the release of his new EP Playing By Numbers - a record which once again shows off his musical talent.

This EP jumps between pop tracks as well as more acoustic as Ash shows of his ability to move between genres - not to mention demonstrating his great writing skills.

And that soothing voice that Ash has is on display perfectly in opening track Make You Smile it is powerful and emotional all at once in what is an upbeat opening track.

Making You Smile is one of the catchiest tracks on the EP and there is a real swagger to this song and you will be left humming this melody as soon as the song has finished.

Wouldn’t Get Through is another upbeat song and it has the most memorable chorus on the whole EP.

He moves to a more acoustic sound with No Love In That Bed in what is a really stripped back track - which shows off everything that is great about this artist.

There is a boyish quality to his voice on this track and that innocence works really well and makes the song pack an even greater punch.

Ash’s voice is supported beautifully by the guitar and some strings - all of it is brought together to make a simple and yet powerful song.

Inside is another acoustic driven track and this song really shows off the richness of this lower end of his vocal - which we hear for the very first time with this track.

While the upbeat tracks at the start are great it on this stripped back song that Ash really shows his prowess.

Playing By Numbers is a fantastic EP from Ethan Ash as he shows off everything he is about as a musician -strong voice and great song-writing.

Ash doesn’t need any production gimmicks to bring his music alive as the power and emotion in his vocal is enough to do that.

Ethan Ash is a musician who deserves to achieve big things and with Playing With Numbers he looks well on the way to doing just that.

Ethan Ash - Playing By Numbers EP out now

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