Huey & The New Yorkers

Huey & The New Yorkers

Artist: Huey & The New Yorkers

Album: Say It To My Face


Rating: 4/5

Huey Morgan made his name as part of the Fun Lovin’ Criminals and now the singer song-writer is striking out on his own with his first solo album.

Say It To May Face sees Morgan team up with musicians such as Peter Levin and King while he reunites with producer Tim Latham.

This is an album that was made purely for the reasons of recording a record and you really hear Morgan bear his soul like never before.

Say It To My Face is an album that is the most personal that Morgan has ever recorded as well as dealing with some very contemporary issues so as going to war.

A new album also brings a new sound for Morgan as he blends Blues with New York Soul and yet there is a still a rock element to his music.

And that is evident in the opening track Stick It To The Man as great guitar riffs are mixed with the great sound of a piano.

Dirty Bird sees Morgan more of less speak his way through the track - and this perfectly shows off the richness of his voice.

Throw in the backing of s soul choir as well as combining the piano with a pedal steel guitar and you have rather a unique sounding record.

All the proceeds of Say It To My Face is being donated to veterans charities and so it seems only fitting that Fall Into Me and Christmas By The Side of The Road

Fall Into Me is about a solider who received a letter for a loved one while Christmas Be The Side of The Road tells the story of a solider trying to make his way home for Christmas to be with his mother.

This is a record that really tells a story whether Morgan is telling the tale of baseball legend Dock Ellis in Stick It To The Man or whether questioning the idea of morality.

Say It To My Face is a fine record from Morgan that shows a different side to him both as a musician and a song-writer - the emotion and the frankness that exists in this record is both heart-warming as well as refreshing.

We caught up with Huey Mogan to chat about the new record - read the full chat here.

Huey & The New Yorkers - Say It To My Face is out now.

Click here to pre-order Say It To My Face

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