Jack Savoretti - Before The Storm

Jack Savoretti - Before The Storm

Artist: Jack Savoretti

Album: Before The Storm

Label: Fullfill Records


Rating: 5/5

It has been three years since the release of Jack Savoretti’s last album Harder Then Easy but this week marks his return with Before The Storm.

And believe me when I tell you that this is a fantastic album from the twenty eight year old singer/songwriter and it really was well worth the wait.

Not Worthy is the opening track on the record and in this one song he tells us everything we need to know about his delightful album.

Not Worthy is packed with soulful and emotional lyrics and theses are brought to life by the folky yet upbeat guitar that supports his pitch perfect vocals.

Savoretti is not a musician who relies on heavy production to bring his tracks to life as his vocals and a simple guitar are more than enough to grab your attention.

Take Me Home is another of these tracks as it is beautifully melancholic as he sings about needing to lean on someone.

There is a real melancholic feel to this entire album as Savoretti has dug deep to really lay his soul bare with the songs that he has penned and he sings about life and love.

Vagabond is another highlight on the album and it is perhaps the darkest track on the record. But this is the track where Savoretti shows off the true power of his vocals.

There is a real deep and earthy tone to his vocals on this track that is so different to the rest of the album. And he moves away from the just the acoustic guitar as he the electric guitar towards the end of the track really gives this song another feel to it.

He brings the pace with the very next track as Changes is another of the stunning songs on this great record.

The emotion just pours out of Savoretti with every word as he sings ‘Nobody knows nobody cares whether you live or die in vain. Nobody knows nobody cares from where you came.’

This time around the acoustic guitar is supported by some beautiful strings and together with Savoretti’s vocals they make this such a powerful and emotive track that you can’t help but get caught up in.

There is not a single weak track on this album as Before The Storm is a collection of tracks that really show Savoretti’s development as a singer and a songwriter.

There is a real mature feel to this record as he mixes emotional lyrics with some beautiful and light melodies.

Before The Storm is as close to a perfect record as you ever want to be and Jack Savoretti deserves a standing ovation for the music that has produced with these thirteen tracks.

Jack Savoretti - Before The Storm is out now

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