James J Turner - How Could We Be Wrong?

James J Turner - How Could We Be Wrong?

Artist: James J Turner

Album: How Could We Be Wrong?

Label: Touch The Moon Records


Rating: 5/5

James J Turner has fronted bands as well as being a solo artist during his music career and this week he is back with his new album How Could We Be Wrong?

This album sees him go back to his roots as mixes driving rock rhythms with an Irish folk feel - a sound that will thrill his long standing fans while it is a great introduction to fans that are coming to his music for the very first time.

There have been some great folk sounding albums so far this year but How Could We Be Wrong? Really is one of the best that I have heard so far in 2012.

How Can We Be Wrong? Is the opening track on and immediately Turner shows what kind of album this is going to be as there is a whole host of different instruments on this track to make it come alive.

Forever No More follows a similar sound there is a great intensity to the track while Turner’s vocal is on top form.

Turner has a rich and almost hypnotic sound to his voice that suits this genre so well - not to mention that he is a great song-writer and all of his songs tell a powerful tale.

Gone Away has a real Irish folk feel to it as the violins set the pace right from the start. This is upbeat and energetic track and the strings sound fantastic.

Turner slows the pace down with Walk The Bridge in what is one of the most beautiful tracks on the record.

This acoustic track really shows off the richness of Turner’s voice as he is supported simply by a guitar and some strings.

Beyond The Pain is my favourite track on the record as Turner uses the powerful lyrics to drive the song forward.

Blow Away and Around The Next Corner are perhaps the more anthemic tracks on the record but there really is no weak song on this album.

The production of this album has been kept incredibly simple as Turner has let his voice and the instrumentation do the talking.

How Could We Be Wrong? Is right on every single level and there is an authenticity and a simplicity to it that makes it so easy to listen to it.

Can’t wait to see what he does next.

James J Turner - How Could We Be Wrong? Is out now

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