Marcus Collins

Marcus Collins

Artist: Marcus Collins

Album: Marcus Collins

 Label: Sony Music


Rating: 3/5

Now I know in the past we have seen X-Factor contestants put out debut albums that are just cover after cover after cover but Marcus Collins has bucked this trend.

Sure the self entitled debut album isn’t without a couple of covers, there are three on there actually, but this is a really up beat and infectious debut album.

Seven Nation Army is the opening track on the album, I have to admit that my eyebrows were raised somewhat when it was announced that this would be his debut single; a very brave choice indeed!!

However he has put his own spin this track and he really has made it his own, his pop/soul vocal style works well with this track. It’s an upbeat and catchy start to this album - starting as he means to go on.

Love & Hate continues that upbeat pop feel, this track is so catch and toe-tapping it’s unreal, don’t be surprised if this is a single further down the line.

The pop/soul sound served him well during his time on X-Factor and he stayed true to that during the recording of this album.

While there is nothing wrong with that I would have liked to have seen him mix it up a bit and show off another side to his vocals - it is just all a little samey.

Having said that Mercy is a particular highlight on this album as it is completely different to the rest of the tracks on the album and it just spices things up a bit; it’s very reminiscent of some of his best X-Factor performances.

Don’t Surrender has a lighter feel to it and it’s one of the more ballad type tracks on the album, here Collins’ vocal range is shown off nicely.

Collins’ song-writing skills are on also on show with this album as he has co-written seven of the eight original tracks on this record, Gary Barlow penning Feel Like I Feel.

This is a solid pop album, trust me you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself tapping your fingers along to this one, and it will certainly keep his army of fans happy.

It’s great to seen Collins record an original album but I would liked to have seen him experiment with his sound a little rather than sticking with a tried and tested formula.

Marcus Collins - Marcus Collins is out now

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