Rupert Stroud

Rupert Stroud

Starring: Rupert Stroud

Album: Chasing The Night

Label: Xidus Music


Rating: 4/5

Rupert Stroud has been making quite a name for himself on the live circuit so far this year and this week sees him release his great new album chasing The Night.

The singer songwriter has produced a record that is full of impressive beats and arrangements as well as being incredibly personal and intimate.

40 days and 40 Nights is the opening track on the album and it is a guitar driven track that beautifully shows of Stroud’s earthy vocals.

This track really does set you up for what this album is all about and that is song-writing and vocal ability taking centre stage.

This album blends rock with a bit of a country twang and it is clear that Stroud has been influenced by the likes of Oasis and Nirvana’s acoustic work.

Forget You really does take the pace down and once again it is all about the voice as even the guitar takes a back seat to Stroud’s vocal.

Hate To Say is one of the best tracks on the record as this really is a very tender track; Stroud’s voice is just totally dripping with emotion from start to finish.

There is a real melancholic and almost haunting feel to the sound of the song as well as the lyrics and the harmonies are just pitch perfect.

Heard It All Before is a very controlled track until it finally bursts into life towards the end - but the build up to the crescendo works so well.

This is an album that really does impact all of the sense as Stroud’s vocals really do just wash over you, the deep end of his range really is quite mesmerising.

The album isn’t quite perfect as it doesn’t quite hold you attention the same in the latter stages but it really is a quality record that shows just how great a musician Stroud is. 

Rupert Stroud - Chasing The Night is out now

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