Sarah Louise Owen - Dream Catcher

Sarah Louise Owen - Dream Catcher

Artist: Sarah Louise Owen

Album: Dream Catcher

Label: Folkal Records


Rating: 5/5

Sarah Louise Owen burst onto the music scene back in 2005 but this week she is back with her fourth album Dream Catcher.

And this is the best album that the Welsh singer song-writer has put out yet as she delivers an infectious folk/pop record.

Melody is the opening track on the record and it really is a fun song that catches her fantastic folk sound. This is an upbeat and quirky tack that is driven forward by Owen’s fantastic vocal and some great violin work.

And Owen is famed for penning slow ballads about love and she shows off that skill once again with the fantastic Song That I Knew.

This is such a touching record about losing love and Owen’s vocals are just so packed with emotion that you can’t help but feel the pain that she sings about.

Lifeboat and Last Kiss are two of the other big piano led ballads that are just incredibly beautiful love songs hat are so emotive. She writes in a way that everyone can connect and relate to and that is quite a talent.

But this is not all about love ballads as Dream Catcher sees Owen return to that folk sound as the acoustic guitar is the perfect accompaniment to her voice.

The beat really kicks in half way through and this turns into a really upbeat track and after two incredibly emotive ballads it is a welcome change.

Fireworks is one of the more radio friendly tracks on the record and it is perhaps one of the more pop driven tracks on this record.

It is a quirky track about looking for love and it really is a fun that you will be singing long after the song has finished.

The female singing voice is one of the most beautiful musical sounds and Owen has delivered an album that showcases that to the full.

This is a record that has put her voice and songs before heavy production and it really has worked wonderfully as Owen has such a captivating vocal.

She really tells a story with her music and her songs are incredibly visual and emotive that you will get swept away with this collection of tracks.

If there is one solo female album that you listen to this year then make sure that it is Dream Catcher by Sarah Louise Owen as it is nothing short of perfection!!!

Sarah Louise Owen - Dream Catcher is out now

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