Tanita Tikaram - Can't Go Back

Tanita Tikaram - Can't Go Back

Artist: Tanita Tikaram

Album: Can’t Go Back

Label: Ear Music


Rating: 5/5

Tanita Tikaram shot to fame in the late eighties with tracks such as Twist My Sobriety and Good Tradition and after a few years away she is back with a new album.

Can’t Go Back is the seventh studio album for the singer song-writer as she mixes a whole host of different to deliver an exciting sounding record.

All Things To You is the opening track on the album as she mixes jazz with elements of old style rock and roll - the heavy presence of a piano works really well.

Tikaram has a really deep and rich vocal and this brings a sultry and sexy ambience to the track - but it is also packed with energy and is a great way to kick off this album.

Dust On My Shoes is one of the greatest tracks on this album and shows off Tikaram’s incredible powerful writing skills.

She calls this song a ‘simple freedom song’ and again she mixes genres as there are pop and gospel elements in there.

This is a very powerful and emotional track that couldn’t be more different to the opening track. The piano, strings and choir all come together to supports Tikaram’s beautiful and deep vocal.

The lower range of Tikaram’s vocal is definitely the strongest aspect of her voice and she really captivates with Make The Day.

The piano led ballad has a real intimate feel to it and it really is one of the many highlights on this album.

She continues to jump between genres as Science has more of a pop feel while Keep It Real is another piano led ballad.

Tanita Tikaram may have been away from the music scene for a handful of years but the wait for a new album was well worth it as this is a real gem.

The singer song-writer has delivered a collection of powerful and, at times, emotional songs in what is a personal album.

There may be a whole host of solo females around at the moment but there is one that has delivered an album as classy as Can’t Go Back this year - this record is not to be missed.

Tanita Tikaram - Can’t Go Back is out now

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