The Hidden Revolution - Useless Noises

The Hidden Revolution - Useless Noises

Artist: The Hidden Revolution

Album: Useless Noises


Rating: 4/5

It is only a year since The Hidden Revolution released their debut EP but now the five piece band are back with their new offering Useless Noises - a collection four tracks.

The Manchester based band has always had a real swagger to their sound and that trend continues with this new EP not to mention it is a really engaging set of songs.

Title song Useless Noise opens up the EP with a real bang as the band have lost none of their energy and enthusiasm from their debut as it really is a cracking tune.

The track is driven forward by the bass and drums and it is brought to life further by the fantastic vocals of Chris Wise.

Wise has such an impressive range and the top end of his voice is just as powerful as the rich lower end.

Bones doesn’t quite have the energetic presence but it shows a much lighter and delicate side to the band - it really is a very captivating and emotional track.

Wise’s vocals take centre stage at the beginning of the track in what is a very quiet introduction to the song before the guitars really kick in and bring it to life.

There is an epicness to Bones as this quiet tracks builds and builds into something fantastic and rather unexpected - you never really think that the track would develop this way after listening to the first sixty second or so.

And while they have turned down the energy levels a little that swagger is ever present and there is seductiveness to this track.

It is just great song after great song and Symbolise is another gem as the melody that runs through it is just so fantastic.

This rock ballad, much like the previous track, builds and builds before finally crescendoing as the guitars kick in to really bring Wise’s vocals to life.

He really is on top form throughout this entire EP and he is a very exciting front man and vocalist that we should all keep an eye on.

There is a change of sound and pace again with final track Perfectly Motionless as this is piano driven acoustic track.

This is the simplest track on the EP and yet is the most powerful as Wise’s vocals are really laid bare - and boy does he nail it.

The Hidden Revolution have a very exciting 2013 ahead of them if they keep producing music like this as Useless Noises is one of the best EP’s I have heard all year.

The Hidden Revolution - Useless Noises is out now

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