The Static Jacks - If You're Young

The Static Jacks - If You're Young

Artist: The Static Jacks
Album: If You’re Young
Label: Fearless Records
Out Now
Rating: 4/5

The Static Jacks hit the road in the UK last month but this week sees the band release their debut album.

From the opening chords of the first track Defend Rosie you can tell that there is a real energy to this band and their music - and that energy is carried through this entire twelve track record.

Sure there is a bit of Brit indie rock influence to this album but there is perhaps a bit more of a punky feel to the likes of Into The Sun and Blood Pressure.

Almost all of the tracks have an anthemic feel to them that you can’t help clapping your hands and tapping your feet to this really upbeat tracks.

The Static Jacks have a bit of a knack of coming up with some really infectious choruses and Mercy, Hallelujah and Into The Sun are two fine examples of this.

Lead singer Ian Devaney’s vocal style is a bit of a unique one as he half sings half shouts the songs at you, but with the energy that pours out of the album that does actually work really well.

However My parents Lied and Sonata (Maybe We Can Work It Out) sow a much softer side to Devaney, and it’s gave to see some vocal range and versatility, these also happen to be two of the best tracks on the album as the boys bring the energy down a notch.

However the album does tail off a bit towards the end, the tracks are no where near as intense as they are at the beginning, plus they songs do all have a very similar sound to them so it just gets a little samey more than anything.

The Static Jacks have clearly been influenced by bands on both sides of the Atlantic but they have taken those influences, a mix of rock, indie, punk and soul and mixed them although to create a uniquely sounding album that you can’t help but enjoy.

The Static Jacks album If You’re Young is out now

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