This Many Boyfriends - This Many Boyfriends

This Many Boyfriends - This Many Boyfriends

Artist: This Many Boyfriends

Album: This Many Boyfriends

Label: Angular Recording Corporation


Rating: 4/5

Last week This Many Boyfriends treated us to the fantastic single Number One and now the band are back with their self-titled debut record.

This is an album that sees the band mix and match their sound delivering a really eclectic record that shows that at their very best.

They kick off the album with one of their most vibrant and energetic tracks Tina Weymouth as it mixes a thronging bassline with upbeat guitars.

They take that upbeat indie/pop sound to another level with Young Lovers Go Pop!, which is one of the catchiest and most memorable tracks on this album.

The upbeat nature of the track really does contrast well with Richard Brooke’s deep vocals as he brings a reach richness and vibrancy to his vocal.

(I Should Be A) Communist is packed with great thick riffs as well as some great guitar solos that really do bring the track to life.

Last weeks single Number One is a personal favourite as well as being one of the most charming songs on the album.

And while the jangly-guitar sound the band is famed for is still present is one of the simpler tracks on the album as This Many Boyfriends have stripped this song back.

Brooke’s vocal well and truly takes centre stage and you really hear the quality and richness of his voice that perhaps you don’t hear on any other track on this record.

I am a big fan of the jangly guitar sound that they have created and it is great to hear it ring out on this song in all of its glory.

This Many Boyfriends deliver a completely different sound with I Don’t Like You (‘Cos You Don’t Like The Pastels).

The guitars drive the track forward but this is perhaps, in terms of sound, the darkest track on the record and really does show off a very different side to this very versatile band.

This Many Boyfriends have been whipping up a storm all year with their single releases and they will set the music world alight this week with the release of this great album.

This Many Boyfriends show off many sides of their sound with this recording from a sunny side to their music to something that is heavier and a little darker.

If you are a fan of indie/rock then this is an album that is not to be missed!

This Many Boyfriends - This Many Boyfriends is out now

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