Adam Lambert returns officially next week with his third studio album 'The Original High', but fans of the punk-pop-rock singer were treated prematurely this week when Amazon made the entire record streamable for the lead-up to the release.

To celebrate the release, Female First has reviewed the record track-by-track so you know what to expect if you're waiting for the big day! Celebrate Glamberts, because it's a good one - now's time for Adam to truly shine.

'Ghost Town'

Towards the end of April we called lead single 'Ghost Town' Adam's best single release of all time, and the "best pop single to come out of the year so far". Now over a week into June, that point still stands. 'Ghost Town' is an incredible, genre-bending journey that will have the listener feeling joyous yet confused - the subject matter isn't one to put smiles on faces, but the melodies and production is top of the range. The whistle line hook firmly plants itself within your mind and Adam does well to unleash a new yet strangely familiar side to his sound with this track.

'The Original High'

Pure disco, Adam here allows his vocals to soar throughout the chorus without the need to strain. It's a sexy track that's got "summer hit" written all over it - it'd be interesting to see if this is the album's next cut, as 'The Original High' would sound perfect on the radio. Keep an ear on hold for that brilliant falsetto.

'Another Lonely Night'

This is a track that's hit me like no other song Adam's released has managed to do. It's utterly tragic and compelling - I thought Adam had done a great job of conveying those emotions in the past but this song really blows anything like it out of the water. The chorus sees Max Martin and Shellback add their own touch of magic, proving that this collaboration was a match made in heaven. This album at this point is already Adam's crowning moment. Songs such as this one are the reason music continues to exist - it sets trends rather than following them.


Slightly stripped back on production, there's a slight lack here of hammering the tune home, but that also works as part of its charm and isn't necessarily necessary in order for the song to work. It may not grab your attention immediately like those that came before it, but 'Underground' is likely going to be one of those hidden gems that blooms into a fan favourite as time goes by.

'There I Said It'

After 'Underground' it's clear that the order of this record is one that's been carefully considered. We started things with three high-impact tracks, toned things down for 'Underground' and then completely ripped away a lot of production for 'There I Said It'. The passion in Adam's voice is thick as he allows his own layers to be peeled back and a sincere vulnerability to shine through. Despite that, he's a "grown ass man", and this song is a big 'FU' to anyone who doesn't believe it.

'Rumors' (feat. Tove Lo)

A beautiful instrumental introduces Tove Lo as the first vocal we hear on 'Rumors' ahead of a catchy bridge to the chorus delivered in style by Adam himself. Collaborations of this sort are - aside from Queen - a rare thing for Adam, and so when he allows himself to share a track with a fellow artist it's always going to be a risk. Luckily this one pays off as a clear cut pop smash is delivered.

'Evil In The Night'

Back to hard-hitting production, Max Martin and Shellback's presence is felt in a stonker of a song. It continues to showcase the sexy side to Adam that's been evolving throughout his career to-date. As above, it's going to be one that absolutely erupts any arena or stage into musical bliss and I'll join @noskerdycat in saying I can't wait to see Adam kill it live.

'Lucy' (feat. Brian May)

Just a gorgeous song, and Brian May is of course incredible. Their chemistry shines through on what is a huge, huge highlight of the record. If Queen were ever to release new music, Adam would be the perfect man to bring any vocals to life.

'Things I Didn't Say'

Surely one everybody can relate to - not understanding why a significant other didn't get how you felt or are feeling because of what you DIDN'T do. It's a complex thing, emotion, but Adam seems to have found the perfect formula needed to embed it within all of his songs. If you're looking for relatability, look no further. Adam is a master at making the listeners the subject of his content.

'The Light'

Unfortunately on first listen 'The Light' didn't do much for me. That may be down to the intense brilliance of the songs that came before it, or it may just be a dud tune. It fits the theme of the album perfectly and would sound great in a club, but it's not the type of memorable song we've been given elsewhere on the album.

'Heavy Fire'

A well-paced song to end things on. It allows you to slow down and enjoy what you've experienced. That is, another fantastic Adam Lambert collection of songs. 'Heavy Fire' allows Adam to confess he now feels "so complete just like an honest liar". Though we know he will always have something fresh to give, he's never been more whole.

In its entirety, 'The Original High' is nothing short of a piece of art. Looking back at first album 'For Your Entertainment', sophomore record 'Trespassing' and then focusing in on today, the path that Adam has taken has seen him mature and develop into one of the finest artists of our generation. He may not always get the praise or commercial success that he deserves, but the fact that he has a fanbase willing to do just about anything to support him just proves how incredible he is, not only as a musician but as an icon of the business.

Not only that but he comes across as genuinely likeable and charismatic during interviews, press and meetings with fans. We couldn't wish anything but good for Adam and hopefully, now with this new studio record he can gain the recognition he so deserves.

'The Original High' is officially released on Monday, June 15.

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