I'll be honest. When I started watching this latest season of RuPaul's Drag Race, I'd written Adore Delano off as too unpolished to make it far in the game.

Then came the charm, quick-wit and humour, and though the girl didn't know how to sew, she was more than willing to learn the tricks of the trade to succeed, and succeed she did.

Making top three she wowed audiences and quickly became a fan favourite, bringing with her a whole host of catchphrases that Drag Race fans will echo for years to come.

Now she's released her brand new studio album 'Till Death Do Us Party', and it's just as much of a success as her appearance on the show.

A mixture of upbeat, urban, pop and more soulful tunes make for a listen that's a lot of the time tongue-in-cheek, but sometimes raw and emotional - especially with the recently-released 'I Adore U'.

If Adore wanted to tap into the same market that RuPaul has managed to with her multiple releases, she should have no problem in doing just that.

Casual listeners of music who may drop by for a listen may not be as impressed as those who are already familiar with the Queens of Drag Race fame - especially when Alaska from season five makes an appearance in 'I Look Fu**in Cool' for a epically explicit 'party!' - but it's all part of the fun for big followers of the series who will notice the subtle and more obvious hints woven in lyrics to memorable television moments.

A little less autotune and a tad more of those near-perfect vocals we saw on-screen would benefit the record immensely, but it's a solid offering and a real delight to finally get an album from a Queen who isn't just doing it whilst they're in the spotlight for an extra buck, but who's doing it because music is their passion.

Adore Delano's 'Till Death Do Us Party' is out now.

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