Releasing her sophomore album 'Quincy Who Waits', Anja McCloskey has always been somewhat of an acquired taste. Her tone takes some getting used to and the congested instrumentals on each track aren't what many will be used to hearing.

Wavering vocals that aren't overpolished soon become enjoyable despite my early reservations, and by the time lead single 'Too Many Words' fades out, I'm onboard but still a little hesitant.

'Insane' is a stand-out moment, slotting in halfway through and letting go of the perfect structure many tunes conform to in a bid to reinvent just what a song should be. It does well to make an impression.

This isn't a collection of tracks that will readily be accessible to a mainstream audience, but that's probably not what Anja's looking for. Instead it's clear that what she creates is because of her passion for music rather than for worldwide fame and success.

She discusses and explores a varieties of topics and issues which include insight into Anja's time in America, where she wrote a huge chunk of this record.

Isolation, lost friendship, disconnection and more are also detailed through sharp lyricism that can truly be admired.

Her music is really some that you can get lost in. Before you know it you're at the end and wondering where the time went and just how it flew by so fast. Soothing and relaxing when it needs to be, you could imagine 'Quincy Who Waits' playing out at a small London café or something of the like.

'Quincy Who Waits' is released July 21.

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