Arcelia means treasure chest in old Spanish. That's exactly what fans of the folk and soul genre will find in this new album 'Wrap Your Bones'.

Gavin Alexander, Teresa Gallagher and Simon Foster form the musical trio from East Kent, and together they blend their vocal harmonies to create moments of melodic genius, apparant first in second tune 'Long Man' where the lead howls 'I can't hide'.

There's a 'pass the microphone round' feeling to this collection of songs which allows each of the trio to shine when they're brought to the forefront, and it's nice to see they're all willing to let one another take the lead.

This paints a very unique picture to most albums that come from groups, which focus on one singer and their backup vocalists or 'band'. There are even moments here where some of the group aren't present on one or two tracks. It's a different approach and turns out to work very much in their favour.

Feeling like a very honest record created out of a passion for music rather than just for the sake of making a quick buck, listeners will be pleased to be met at the closing of each track with a fresh sound on the next.

Charming ballads, noteably 'Busking Birds' manage to be relaxing and soothing whilst packing a punch and making an impact at the same time.

It's a clever little collection that has the ability to make a fan out of you within just a few moments.

Arcelia's 'Wrap Your Bones' is out now.

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