Shot to stardom because of a famous viral video that included her song 'Somebody Loves You', Betty Who has bided her time before making a release in the UK.

Originally planning to release 'The Movement' EP on British soul after great reviews elsewhere, that was scrapped in favour of fresh music and the result is new EP 'Worlds Apart'.

The comparisons to Katy Perry are easy to pick up with EP opener 'High Society' - the inflections of her tone sound slightly reminiscent of the bubblegum pop princess, but there's just enough unique ability to allow Who to stand out on her own, and it's all laid down on an electro-pop track featuring a fantastic synth and infectious chorus with a hook to die for.

Showing off her ability to be versatile she takes it down a notch for ballad 'Right Here' which is enchanting but feels a little uninspired at times. Coming in at over four minutes it feels too long and 'samey' - there's never really a moment in the track you'll be able to recall. It'll just be 'that ballad'.

Dancing shoes will be required for 'Heartbreak Dream' which does shake things up a little, but doesn't give chance for a massive standout moment. I was waiting for that big note but it doesn't ever come - not to say this isn't a fun and interesting track without that anyway.

Finishing things is 'You're In Love' where autotune is turned up a notch too high, causing some lyrics to be missed on first listen through. It sounds like a demo that was refused for Katy Perry's debut album 'One Of The Boys', and it really unbalances the rest of this EP.

Taking all into account - self-written lyrics, good production and a mixture of fantastic vocals and over-manipulated ones - this is an EP that's got me intrigued into Betty's future.

I like the music. It's (mostly) fun and catchy whilst proving there's a lot of room for our artist to evolve and expand in the future. It's one that looks bright, and I look forward to hearing whatever comes next.

Betty Who's 'Worlds Apart' EP is out now.

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