Charlotte Church - 'FOUR'

Charlotte Church - 'FOUR'

Charlotte Church is back with a brand new instalment to the exciting series of five, self-recorded, self-released EPs.

'FOUR' is of course the fourth release, and is described as "a party" by the reinvented songstress.

"It's like futuristic driving music - I call it cruise-wave." she explains.

If you're ever feeling sleepy, great advice would be to stick this record on as it opens with 'Entanglement'; thunderous drums and a rock N' roll feel before Charlotte's distinguished voice is brought in, in small waves.

She's not the young girl we once heard display her talent on This Morning anymore - she's gone through a metamorphasis that's evolved and developed her artistry like never before.

Eerie and quite unusal at times, the opener leaves you wondering just exactly where this collection of six tracks is going to go.

'Love Alone' is next, totally laid-back and completely different to the first, with basslines, retro synths and charming strings adding to the attractive feel of the tune.

Third track 'Little Movements' isn't my style from the get-go, with voice manipulation being used to the extreme. What should be applauded here is Charlotte's obvious want to be experimental, and there are some amazing moments when she lets her voice shine through with tremendous wails, almost reminiscent of Kate Bush at times.

'Death and Mathematics' comes next - an odd title and one that takes just a little too long to get going. When it does though, it's dreamy. Hypnotic with the sense of floating above the instrumental, her vocals are once again changed into something unique to anything we've ever heard from her before.

Soul is what can be said about her penultimate track 'Hood Shade', an uplifting almost gospel choir type tune that would put a smile on the face of anyone feeling down. It's joyous and momentous and packed full of energy, while still being relaxing and calming.

Finishing with 'Love', a five-minute fling with continously changing rhythm and instrumental is brought to the forefront as Charlotte provides the clearest and most stellar vocals from the entire compilation. Ending on a high, the song becomes ferocious as it builds up to a gigantic finale that will leave you salivating at the thought of her final EP.

FOUR is released March 10 through Alligator Wine Records.

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