Daughtry - 'Baptized'

Daughtry - 'Baptized'

Sounding slightly Adam Lambert-esque (oddly also American Idol alumni) in the opening and title track of this most-recent Daughtry record, the rocker is back with a whole host of tunes different to any he's put out before.

Three tracks in however, and I'm wondering if Chris will be given the chance to wail and show off his vocal ability. This all seems very safe, and although it's very satisfactory and a delight on the ears, it'd be great to hear him push himself like we know he can.

Instrumentals are slightly overshadowed by pop type production, and autotune is slick in some places, unforgiving in others.

Though change works for some, it seems to have gone against the band with this record - it's still impressive, but not a patch on anything they've done before.

The rest of the album seems to follow the same formula. Close-to-generic rhythms, yet tracks you wouldn't mind tapping your feet along to on the odd occasion.

'Long Live Rock & Roll' is slightly ironic, as it sounds more like a country chant you'd sing round a campfire than a heavy rock tune.

Daughtry were brave to try something else here, but whether or not it was the right decision to make is up for debate.

Sticking to their old sound probably would have seen a push to hear something else from the group - an infusion of both their new and old sounds would have sufficed.

Daughtry's new album 'Baptized' is out now.

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