Canadian songwriter Dennis Ellsworth is returning to the UK this month with his brand new album 'Hazy Sunshine' supported by a string of UK tour dates which come to an end this coming Saturday, June 14.

Opening album tune 'Things I Want' is an upbeat and strong offering that's followed by country blues in the Gord Downie original 'Coke Machine Glow'.

His flitting between bands that have covered rock, indie, punk and country in the past becomes apparant as he lends his vocals to tracks that are almost as widespread as the variety of groups he's been in, but the overriding theme is that of folk pop, and it's one that his voice sounds best-suited to.

'If I Find The Truth' is a beautiful piece that starts off tender and slow - you really have to listen closely if you want to be captured in the moment - and things only get better when a soft-spoken female adds her vocals to the track.

Those who added the instrumental to this record should also be applauded, adding their magical layers to each song with a hypnotic sort of success.

'Harry Nilsson's Heart' has Dennis sounding a little like Neil Diamond, but he still manages to maintain enough individuality to ensure his sound is entirely his own.

There's a large statement made with this collection of songs to be positive through dark optimism and sometimes sarcasm, reflecting on how music has saved our artist in the past as well as letting him down as if a human friend and companion.

Those who aren't into this type of music aren't likely to be swayed over to the genre with these tracks however - they seem very much your standard smattering - but with an open mind a few could be persuaded to pay more attention.

It's a strong sophomore album that should do well and will satisfy fans without any doubt.

'Hazy Sunshine' is out now.

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