Doug Tielli - Keresley

Doug Tielli - Keresley

This is quite clearly from the outset, not an album for absolutely everybody. If you can however get past any pre-judgement and take the time to sit back and listen to Doug Tielli's second album offering, the blend of styles and instruments may be to your liking.

It's surely unusual, creating a dream-like, unconscious state with its simple and graceful melodies.

The album - named after the location of 'Keresley' on the outskirts of Coventry - are completely natural, providing a rawness and untouched manor that feels as if the recording wasn't tampered with in any way before going onto disc.

Tielli has said of the village-come-suburb: "The magic of Keresley is not on the surface. Those fields under all kinds of skies are always wondrous. The grass got long, and filled with wildflowers, and red-purple grasses, the sky rolled with low, heavy clouds, and occasionally sun, flitted with birds. Fathers and sons, old Scotsmen... everyone with a dog... would shre a few words and stories with me from time to time."

It is that exact feeling that is conveyed throughout, resulting in a very human and interesting record that should impress many who choose to listen to it.

'Keresley' is out now, released via Tin Angel Records.

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