Eoin has a voice that instantly grabs your attention and doesn't let go until the final seconds. He has something that ensures you're not forced to listen, but rather you want to, and when you take notice of the incredible talent and vocal on display as well as the lyrics, you realise stories are being told at every given opportunity.

Whilst we kick things off with the subtlely solemn 'Dancing Anymore', the title track comes next and begins with a joyous tone, though the mysterious lyrics paint a different tale each time it takes a twist or turn.

The folk sound runs through and clear in each tune and the time he spent studying the Springsteen and Beatles songbooks has quite obviously paid off.

Though his accent doesn't inflect on the music as much as you may imagine for someone who grew up on the northside of Dublin, it's hard to compare him to anybody else in the business. There's a certain uniqueness about him that should see him turn heads.

Knowing that Eoin self-taught on the piano and the guitar proves just how great he is at picking up musical skills, because he sounds as good as any professional when strumming the strings or tapping the keys, especially with the highly-infectious and upbeat 'No One Had A Light'.

A couple of songs could be labelled as throwaways - 'Everyone Is Goin' doesn't bring much to the party other than a nice number you can dance along to, but that's not to say it doesn't add another layer to the record, even if it is a slightly flimsy one.

On the whole Eoin's done well to prove his talent with this second LP, and for as long as he has a voice he should continue to create music, because it's utterly rewarding.

'Rain Finally Came' is digitally available now, with the physical release following on September 8.

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