The talent here is undeniable. The multitude of genres that are blended together through stunning vocals and funky mixes culminate in something rather special.

Made up of a massive ten 'gentlemen', the group does well to ensure everybody has the chance to shine, whether it's Johnny Scratchley on lead vocals or Ben Watling on the trombone.

Reggae is something we don't see enough of in the industry today, which is why tracks such as 'London Sunshine' add an exciting new flavour to the mix.

These aren't just ten guys together jamming, as nice as that would be. 'Enough' and 'Riot' put forward social and political views, showing integrity and a sense of relatability that's missing from a lot of music.

'Too Little Too Late' brings an essence of Madness to the group, while still being able to remain unique and refreshing.

The compilation as a whole is a brilliant piece, and Gentleman's Dub Club seem to be getting better with every release. They're certainly something special - not one to let slip by.

They'll kick off a tour of the UK in Manchester on October 21 - the same date that 'FOURtyFOUR' is released via Ranking Records.

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