Glass Caves - Summer Lover

Glass Caves - Summer Lover

As the title and first track of the EP says, there's certainly a summer feel to the music laid down on this record, which begs the question - why release it in December?

Cast aside those doubts you may have right away because of that however, and you'll soon realise that whether or not the release was a bid to raise the spirits of those in a winter stint of blues, it certainly does just that.

We then move on to second track 'Throw down the Pistol', and it's evident that as writers, they're not afraid to explore topical issues.

Detailing the results of an addiction to alcohol, the track showcases an anger and confusion as to why the addictee can't curb their habit.

'This Road' - track three - is your generic upbeat yet still intensly impressive and rhythmic tune, but it's the final song 'Safety Man' that will stick in your memory.

While the vocals and harmonies aren't as strong here, it could be said that this is purposeful to further detail and mirror the topic at hand - relationships and their break downs.

Just when you think the songs over, guitars and drums come back in and kick it back to life. It's quite simply the perfect end to a great taster of things that are hopefully to come.

Glass Caves - 'Summer Lover' is out now via Tri-Tone / PIASUK.

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