Instantly capturing my attention with a certain innocence and charm about her, Hannah Trigwell seems to be the 'Hurricane' she sings about in the opening track, hitting you with an intense and passionate vocal that's distinguished, well-crafted and refreshing.

On top of this we have a flawless instrumental that never fails to let up and blends perfectly alongside Hannah's voice. The talent on the record at this point is outstanding, and we're just one song in.

The title track comes next and is a bit of a slow burner when compared to the first, but a minute or so into the tune and the chorus does well to win back any belief that was starting to be lost.

A little dreary and dull is third song 'Hearts On Fire' - don't get me wrong, I love a good ballad, but this one gets a little repetitive and though her emotion is completely believable, it doesn't help this from becoming the weakest moment on the record.

Finishing up with 'Tightrope' was a smart move, as it easily smashes every other song on this EP out of the way. It's the song that you could easily imagine to make it big on radio and in the clubs, perhaps with a remix or two to support it.

All things considered, this is a solid record with just a couple of minor blips that are easily looked over. Well-polished and impressive, Hannah Trigwell should be heading up the charts in the very near future.

'Rectify' the EP is available from May 5 via 3 Peace Records.

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