Just a few seconds into the opening and title track of Heather Peace's new album, I'm left wondering just who it is her voice manages to remind me of, and then it hits me. There are moments she resonates with sounds not dissimilar to Stevie Nicks, and whilst Heather is absolutely unique in her own right, I can't help but think some of these tracks would sound great on a Fleetwood Mac record - not that this is a negative of course.

Dark energy bubbles over the top through some of the songs on offer here, and it's refreshing to see such an approach and display of genuine emotion - 'Dance With The Devil' is the track that Rihanna attempted with 'Te Amo' but on a much stronger level and sense of believability.

Things take a rambunctious and boisterous turn with 'In My Arms' - Heather's exploding with joy alongside a faster tempo and more upbeat melody and it's a more excitable mood that leads the way for what's to come with triumphant tune 'We Can Change'.

Of course, the issues of tormented and conflicted feelings resurface, exploring the challenges that love creates, and with some fantastic vocals on 'House For Your Broken Heart' Heather proves her fantastic talent - these songs that include a touch of tragedy amongst powerful vocals will be the ones that stick with you.

Taking everything into account, this is a record that's slightly off balance with darker songs consuming the light, but impressing all the same. The fun and fluffier tracks that strive to surge some life into the listener do their job well, and though one or two more may have been a welcome addition, the album as a whole isn't disappointing - in fact it's far from it.

Heather Peace's album 'The Thin Line' is released June 9 alongside her lead single 'We Can Change'.

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