Opening track 'Pick Me Up' may start off slowly with some subtle vocals, but it doesn't take long for the tune to do exactly what it says in the title, inevitably lifting the spirits of anybody listening.

Their harmonies weave together perfectly forming a comforting musical blanket of warmth and sincerity - though they've drawn comparisons to other groups it's quite clear that they're able to stand on their own with unique talent and ability. It's obvious why it was chosen as a lead single.

'Rise' and 'Montana Men' are both wonderfully constructed, flowing from beginning to end and cementing the group's position as experts at their craft, but it's the final tune 'On The Run' that really makes you take notice once more.

Instantly upping the pace, they step into country territory and successfully lace it into their folk-rock roots resulting in an exciting track that truly leaves you wanting to hear some more from the group.

That warm fuzzy feeling you get when you realise something is so good you want more of it and you want it now - that's exactly how many are likely to feel when they hear Hunter & The Bear singing as a four-piece, and I can't wait to see just what they've got up their sleeves going forward.

Single 'Pick Me Up' is available now, with EP 'Before I Come Home' being released on August 18.

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