Artist: Institute

Album: Distort Yourself

Label: earMUSIC


Rating: 4/5

‘Institute’ is a band created by Gavin Rossdale, when his band, ‘Bush’ decided to go on a hiatus in 2002. But his love of music soon made him to go on and form ‘Institute’ in 2004.

The band consists of current ‘Bush’ member, Chris Traynor, bassists Cache Tolman and Josh Freese (Nine Inch Nails, Guns ‘N Roses). This album was originally released in 2005 and has long since been out of stock. The rerelease of this album comes with four new bonus tracks and if you’re a fan of bush, this is an album not to miss.

‘Distort Yourself’ is the first and last album from ‘Institute’ but with it came much success. On release the album made it to #81 in the US Billboard Album charts and was featured on the soundtrack of successful Hollywood production, ‘Stealth’. The band later went on to tour with U2.

If you’re a big fan of alternative music, you will love this. And if you are a massive fan of ‘Bush’, ‘Institute’ will give you everything you love about them and more. From guitar riffs to incredible vocal power, this is sure to be every rock chicks favourite.

‘Bulletproof Skin’ is the opening song to this album, which was also the first single from the album and made it to #29 in the US Billboard-Charts. With its heavy guitar riff and strong vocals, this song is the perfect opening tune and there is no surprise why it did so well in the US charts on its first release.

‘Information Age’ is the perfect song for any alternative band with its heavy guitar riffs and angry drum beat, this will get your head banging. Rossdale really captures the emotion to this song.

For something a little less heavy, try ‘Ambulances’. Like any good rock band, they all need an emotional and dark song, and this track tops all the others on the album. This song shows you the raw talent of the band and makes you wish they had created more albums.

And this album is now rereleased with four bonus tracks! All packed with plenty of heavy guitar riffs, hard drum beats and robust vocals. This album is bound to be played over and over again.

Distort Yourself is out now!

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