It's easy to recognise just why so many critics in the industry have lauded Garratt as one of the most exciting modern-day young artists. He's got a fresh and raw ambition to succeed and spades of passion that punches through with huge impact in each of his tunes.

Out Friday, February 19

Out Friday, February 19

Experimental with his electronica, Garratt lures viewers in often with a slower start before exploding into a chaotic yet co-ordinated chorus, encouraging the listener to let go and become one with the music before slowing back down for a less rambunctious verse. The perfect example of this comes in third song 'Far Cry', by far one of the biggest standouts the record has to offer.

'The Love You're Given' is another gem, haunting in its delivery and ensuring it's one that will leave itself embedded within your psyche. It's unfortunate that 'I Know All What I Do' follows - a distracting piece which is really let down by production. Where it could be special it falls flat because of the constant humming noise in the background - definitely not one to listen to with headphones in.

Thankfully the brilliance returns with track 8 - 'Surprise Yourself'. It's uplifting and joyous and perfect pickings for a single release. From this point, the record enjoys finding itself within the madness of creativity, refusing to slide into one particular genre and conform to boundaries that may once have existed.

'Phase' doesn't have the strongest vocal performance from this year's BRITs Critics' Choice, but he uses the technology at his fingertips to his advantage because of this. Weaving magical and hypnotic sounds within his lyrics and ensuring they gain the desired effect despite not hitting notes on the level of former BRITs Critics' Choice winner Sam Smith, Garratt is a master of his craft.

He's worked at becoming a success since the tender age of 12 and now, finally, he's being recognised by the world. With his first studio album he is inspiring, cementing himself as a real contender for more of the big prizes in the business going forward.

'Phase' is officially released via Island on Friday, February 19.

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