'December Daze' is the titular track that kicks off Janet Devlin's new five-track festive collection, an inoffensive tune which does well to introduce new listeners to Janet's style, but which doesn't instantly become one of the most memorable Christmas songs you'll ever hear.

Janet's once-unique vocal is now something quite similar to a trend of warbling musicians, with the likes of Ellie Goulding and Vance Joy adding to the mix. It's an acquired taste but certainly one that appeals to a wide range of people however - she hasn't climbed the industry mountain this far to simply be forgetten about at this point.

'River' is a stand-out performance, but doesn't feel fitting to the theme. That being said it would act as a great single, perhaps on an LP in the beginning of next year.

'Happy Holidays' does ramp things up a little and bring the Christmas spirit to the EP, before a traditional cover of 'Silent Night' rounds things off.

There's somewhat of a lack of Christmas spirit running through this record, but it's definitely one to listen to if a vocal like Janet's is your thing.

'December Daze' is out now.

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