Jessie J 'Alive'

Jessie J 'Alive'

Jessie J shocked everyone when she arrived on the scene with almost-flawless debut album 'Who You Are'.

The tracks showed a vulnerability, following the life of a woman who's grown into her own after what seemed a tough childhood, and we all fell in love with the chick who had some amazing vocal aerobics.

This album's a complete 180 in some of those aspects.

Jessie mouths off about how much hate she holds for a certain somebody in 'Excuse My Rude', and 'It's My Party' slates those who take to social media to attack the star.

Her talent is undeniable, and she's quite obviously a strong woman, but those who saw her coaching on 'The Voice' and didn't like what they saw probably won't change their opinion on Jessie after listening to this album.

Relatability was a major part of Jessie becoming the star in so many teenager's eyes, yet this seems to be lacking in most - if not all - of these tracks.

That being said, the album isn't a bad one. There's no sign of autotune (Jessie quite frankly doesn't need it), and most of the tracks would sound great on the radio. They just lack the same impact 'Who You Are' stamped onto the industry.

'Alive' is out now.

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