Katsuo - Creators

Katsuo - Creators

"Haters gonna hate, while creators create" Katsuo chants - and while his opening track 'Creators', featuring Nakisha Esnard is something I sat listening to in disbelief, for all the wrong reasons, his confidence is surely to be admired, at least when that confidence doesn't tip over into arrogance.

That self-assured attitude is painted across five tracks on this EP, merging electronica beats with dubstep and sometimes a slither of rock, but where these tracks fail is that they sound too much like a mish-mash of loads of different components - or kitchen utensils - rather than a blissful blend of musical wizardry.

'As Good As Mine' is the best out of what's offered, but again, is ruined when a multitude of unneccessary sounds are plastered over the top of interesting lyrics and a good tune.

When it comes to an end, I'm simply sat here confused. I've listened to rock music before, dubstep and even the odd bit of electronica, but they simply don't work together - at least not on this record. What I hear here is a confused artist who's not quite sure which direction to take his music in - but he needs to make his mind up fast.

There must be an audience here, as Katsuo sits on Twitter with almost 30,000 followers (at time of writing), but it's quite clearly a niche one, and unfortunately, he just isn't doing it for me. It's all doing just too much, and trying too hard to be different.

'Creators' is released Monday, January 20.

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