It’s a compilation of 10 tracks. All piano driven, mostly fun upbeat, tongue and cheek style songs.
Album Cover 'Confessions Of A Songbird.'

Album Cover 'Confessions Of A Songbird.'

Kristin Errett is a 23 year old singer/songwriter from New York City. Her soulful voice is unique like Stevie Nicks, her lyrics tell stories like Sara Bareilles and her melodies are infectious like Taylor Swift.

I instantly fell in love with her voice and her album of ‘confessions.’ My favourite songs on the album were Mirror Mirror, Happily Never After, All I Want Is Everything and Don’t Call Me Sweetheart.

In a recent interview here at Female First, Kristen commented on what her album Confessions of a Songbird is about she said ‘It’s a compilation of 10 tracks. All piano driven, mostly fun upbeat, tongue and cheek style songs. She carried on to say that ‘It’s piano driven pop with little hints of jazz and soul.’

Don’t Call Me Sweetheart is the album opener, with violins and keys this track is fun, quirky and the melody instantly catches the ears. With lyrics such as ‘Never call me honey I’m not always nice/ Never call me sugar if you don’t want spice/ If you were smart you’d know it from the start/ Don’t call me sweetheart.’

Finding Second Best begins with a poignant piano melody; Errett then tells a story about the journey of a relationship with her powerful vocals that radiate Soul. Happily Never After also starts with a piano melody but this time it is quirky, upbeat and infectiously cheerful. The beautiful and elegant track Mirror Mirror is next, Kristin sings about searching for your true self and the struggle that comes with it.

Sparks is one of my favourites on the album; sugary sweet melodies with a Taylor-Swift-like feel to it, this track is Pop perfection. Errett’s song writing reminds me Swift’s, she’s just a little less Country than and little more soulful. Errett’s chilling vocals are shown off the most in the track Cross My Heart; which displays the unique quality of her voice, she definitely has something special that no other female singer has in today’s industry.

Little Pieces is another fabulous track, this track displays the best lyrics on the album with lyrics such as ‘Back when I was a kid with paper skin/ Little pieces fall apart/ I bet it hurts for you to see/ I’m not the girl I used to be/ Little pieces break away but you can’t break me.’ The Last Time You Said Hello is smooth, heartrending; you can almost feel the pain along with the artist, a very rare quality these days.

All I Want Is Everything has a soulful vibe, with shalala harmonies, blues piano riffs and distinctive vocal licks. The song Mr. Imperfect closes the album; it showcases Errett’s bluesy piano playing.

Confessions of a Songbird, is an album that will play the heartstrings of any Pop fans out there. I really enjoyed it and there are a couple of gems that are radio friendly too. Kristin’s unique vocals combined with elements of Jazz and Soul creates a Piano-Pop driven aural experience for all fans of music to enjoy.

Confessions Of A Song Bird is available on iTunes now. 

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