There's something about Lana Del Rey's tone that means you'll either love her music or hate it. She is THE marmite of the music industry, and for the longest time I've been in the latter, finding her music dreary and unimpressive for the most part, with the 'Summertime Sadness' remix and Great Gatsby hit 'Young and Beautiful' being the only tracks I could stomach.

Putting that aside I decided to take on 'Ultraviolence' with a fresh approach. Previously reviewing 'West Coast' I had a feeling I knew what to expect - more of the same - but if this collection of new tunes did prove anything to me after a first listen, it was that Lana is one of the more interesting stars in the industry.

Despite my previous thoughts on 'West Coast' it plays its part here as the song that recaptures your attention - not necessarily upbeat but definitely a little more exciting than those that came before it.

To say Lana sings with some emotion is fair, but it's hard to relate to the lyrics she's singing when her sound is so similar throughout.

That is until number eight when 'Money Power Glory' finally manages to make an impression on me. Its rambunctious and explosive production force Lana to push her vocals to her limits and it's a real treat for the ears.

'Old Money' is hypnotic, allowing her talent to shine in the first few moments when she is given the chance to sing without a heavy echo, and the 'will you still love me when I shine?' gives memories of 'Young and Beautiful'. It's certainly an album standout that comes before the story told in the closing 'The Other Woman'.

Haunting and a little spooky with the use of trills toward the end, it seems the perfect song to finish things with.

I come away from the record with close to the same feelings I had for Lana's music before. There's a little more hope from me and a real admiration for 'Money Power Glory', but other than this I'm pained to find many positives. Though I wish I was on the loving-Lana express train with her millions of fans, it's one I just cannot seem to board.

Lana Del Rey's 'Ultraviolence' is released Monday June 16.

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