Kicking off the EP with the title track, there's a subtle hint of Adam Lambert-esque vocals laced within the incredible tones and talents of Leon Else.

He isn't afraid to take on controversial topics through his storytelling in poignant tracks that stick rather than fade away, and though the Lambert comparison can be made at certain times, his vocals are more often than not incredibly unique.

Where some choose to focus on the happy and bright aspects of life, Leon tackles adultery, drugs, shameless antics and the darker side of living with a real passion and sense of realism.

"I turn my phone and conscious off at the same time" he chants in 'Cheap Hotel', whilst noting the "love of his life" will be going "out of her mind". Whether or not these are admissions or simply the details of a story that becomes reality far too often, it's an extremely brave move from an artist who's just beginning to break out to sing so honestly, but a move that pays off in spades.

An original live recording of 'Messed Up' really proves that there's no voice manipulation or autotune needed for Leon to show off just what he can do. He has a fantastic pair of lungs on him that mean every single high note is hit, and though he may worry that nobody wants to hear what he has to say, he should rest easy that I and many others will keep our ears open following this release.

He finishes things off with a 'River Full Of Liquor' retake, this time featuring Skeme. I would have personally preferred an entirely new track but that's just a minor thing. The song still sounds fantastic.

Leon Else's 'River Full Of Liquor' EP is out now.

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