'Negative Space'

'Negative Space'

Les Jupes have returned with their brand new EP 'Negative Space'.

The hardworking team offer an emotive collection of four tracks that contain influence from American folk and British post-punk.

A masterful blend of vocals is apparent throughout, skillfully weaving their way through the beats and melodic rhythms that remain simple but powerful.

'Hold Me Down' will stick with you if you give it the time of day and truly listen to the lyrics, and ending on 'Interview With A Contract Killer' was a great decision.

The tune shows aggression but couples it with a sci-fi-esque melody, resulting in the best song the EP puts forward.

Since their debut, the group have written over 30 new songs, some of which will appear on a new full-length album expected to drop in 2014.

'Negative Space' is out now.

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