As one of the most exciting breakthrough acts of 2015, LION BABE have made their way into the music industry through sheer grit and determination and this week have released their debut album 'Begin'.

'Begin'; out now

'Begin'; out now

I think the best way to describe this duo would be 'like Marmite'. Their style is unconventional, pushing the boundaries on their sound and refusing to stay constricted to one genre. For those who are more comfortable with the usual material they'll hear on the radio, this may not be the record for them, but for the more adventurous listener who's willing to expand on their musical horizons, 'Begin' is a welcome 48-minute journey.

The chemistry between singer/songwriter Jillian Hervey and instrumentalist/producer Lucas Goodman is clearly thick - the pair build upon their incredible fluidity with collaborations throughout the LP with the likes of Pharrell Williams, Andrew Wyatt, Al Shux and a major standout with Childish Gambino on second track 'Jump Hi'.

Their aforementioned experimentation with their sound is a delight for the ears, with Jillian sounding ethereal and otherworldly at times. Her tone is forever changing, weaving its way through Lucas' mesmerising and hypnotic production - perfect examples of this come in 'Stressed OUT!'

'Where Do We Go' is a gorgeous little gem with sparks of influence of glamour pop and disco of the past. It's the perfect choice for a single and could do well on the charts with the right amount of promotion - it's less 'out there' than the songs that come before and after it but it's a real toe tapper and just another example of how LION BABE are unafraid to dip into various waters.

Personality comes in abundance through 'Jungle Lady'. It's a breezy, soothing piece but one that allows Jillian's attitude to shine. Similarly, 'Got Body' demands you 'clap for this', as confidence comes to the forefront both here and in penultimate track, 'Treat Me Like Fire'.

LION BABE are a brilliant pair of artists and if this is their starting roar, there's going to be some incredible work to come from them in the future.

'Begin' is out now.

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