'Retro, classy, acoustic pop at it's very best!'
Lisa Kwei

Lisa Kwei

The Girl You Left Behind is a trifle of credible music, with smooth cream melodies, thick harmonies and bass grooves with a light sprinkling of soulful, melodic lead vocals, it's the perfect feel-good album.

The first track on the album titled Take The Fire is smooth, sophisticated and sultry. With moody lyrics and velvet vocals it is a good opener to ease the listener into the album. The second track is the titled track The Girl You Left Behind, which is four minutes of melodic pop with a retro edge. With a highly infectious chorus and a subtle layer of strings and keys she reminds me of Tori Amos.

Don't Waste My Time has an interesting introduction, it stands out as an individual track on the album. The funky beats and light vocals contrast well with each other.

Hang on starts with a sombre piano melody, you can hear the vulnerability in Kwei's voice, the story-like lyrics are strong and powerful. With lyrics such as 'Hang on, let go/ I don't know which way to turn/ I don't know where to go.' Lovers Past is hauntingly profound, with reverb drenched harmonies and acoutic guitar strings it is one of my personal favourites on the album.

The mood lightens with the cheerful tune entitled Live a Little, with lyrics like 'Try live a little more/ give a little more.' Falsetto vocals that will definitely not disappoint. I Would Never is anthemic, upbeat and happy. With lyrics such as 'We should give love a try/ If you don't know/ Which way to go/ only love will survive.'

The View has a slight folk vibe in the beginning, with bongo drums and Bob Marley-esque lyrics. There is an inspiring speech by a male throughout the track, it is a minute and a half until the female vocal enters. It isn't my favourite one on the album but it is definitely individual. I really like the lyric 'You can change the landscape but you can't change the view.'

Childish Side has a similar melody to The View. Whistling, drums and beautiful vocals is the way to sums up this song. Bullit Train is upbeat, with a mixutre of woohoo's, twangy guitars and keys this is a retro track, you can't help but tap your feet to the rhythm.

Now It's Up 2 U is my favourite on the album, quirky, catchy with a chorus belting out revelations 'Now it's up to you, I've given you everything.' Listen To My Heart has a gorgeous guitar opening and heavenly vocals. It is a nice contrast with the previous track.

Babylon System starts with an electric guitar riff, a retro
styled track with uplifting lyrics and strong vocals. The last track is a remix of track seven, I Would Never. I prefer the original track but the remix does add some reverb and extra beats which creates a different vibe.

The entire album is a breath of fresh air, you know that
Lisa has been inspired by the great songwriters such as Joni Mitchell, Stevie Nicks and Bob Marley, you can feel their influence through her story-tellling lyrics.

I gurantee that you will fall in love with Lisa and her sound, like I did. She is a truly wonderful new artist.

Lisa quotes 'I hope you enjoy my record and feel the passion and creativity that i have put into it, so that it may take you to another place, where you can dance, sing, cry, smile or just chill.'

To The Girl You Left Behind is like a list of love letters, some reflecting on love, some on regret and some on realization.

The album is available on Itunes now.

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