Lucy Spraggan 'Join The Club'

Lucy Spraggan 'Join The Club'

Lucy Spraggan hasn't put any opportunities to waste, and has delivered a great compilation of tracks with debut album 'Join The Club'.

Featuring the much-loved 'Tea & Toast' and 'Last Night (Beer Fear)', she manages to maintain the appeal throughout all 17 tracks that the nation fell in love with during her time on ITV's 'The X Factor'.

It was that show that saw her picked up by record label Columbia - taking their opportunity after Spraggan was forced to bow out of the competition due to illness.

Her raw vocals all add to the magic of the LP, but are sometimes attacked with heavy production that doesn't actually need to be that prominent, and instead hinges on ruining the charm she can so effortlessly put across.

'The Tourist', 'Last Night (Beer Fear)' and 'Mountains' are standout tracks that'll put a smile on your face because of their clever lyrics and flickers of relatability.

'You're Too Young' is a harrowing story of a young, tormented girl who gets involved with the wrong crowd, and becomes the victim of the far-too-common knife crime we see so often in real life. After the joy of some of the album's former track, it really grounds the listener and brings them back to some of the issues we face as a community today.

Spraggan still has exactly what it takes to make it big in the world of music, and we think she'll continue to go from strength to strength.

It's close to perfect and exactly what she needed to do. Close, but not quite there. We look forward to seeing what she offers next.

'Join The Club' is out now.

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