'People Change'

'People Change'

We spoke to Mark Hole a few weeks back, and he really struck a chord with us at Female First.

Now he's preparing to release his new album 'People Change' alongside his single 'Torture Garden'.

The album opens with 'Dirty Base', a crude but clever story exploring the life of a young girl fighting off the demons in her life, the hold an addiction can take and the aftermath. Mark's lyrics are smart and while they may leave you feeling uneasy, it's better than leaving you feeling nothing at all. Music is a medium in which the artist should evoke feelings and emotion from the listener, and that's certainly present throughout this track.

That's something that is woven into the entire compilation of tracks. None of these songs feel empty. 'Tori Tour' sees the star reflect on his time supporting Tori Amos, and his feelings at that moment. "I know that you're broken like I am too, but please don't tell me that we're through, is it true?"

'Torture Garden' is a good choice for a single; a self-depricating look back on a relationship that thrived on negativity. It's deep, mellow and possesses brilliant melodies and soft production that's a joy for the ears.

The rest of the album is quite similar in the way that the majority of the songs are slow, ballad-types that leave us wanting more. His voice is special, and the only thing missing are a couple more upbeat tunes that would tip the record into the land of perfection.

'People Change' is digitally released November 10 alongside single 'Torture Garden'. A release party and free gig takes place at The Islington in Angel from 7pm - more information at facebook.com/events/709964605685115/

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