Matt Cardle - 'Porcelain'

Matt Cardle - 'Porcelain'

Following Matt's first two albums - 'Letters' and 'The Fire' - comes 'Porcelain'.

A powerful opening from 'In Chains' paves the way for the brilliant duet with Melanie C on 'Loving You' - an exciting blend of two great voices that seem to fit together perfectly.

'When You Were My Girl' - Matt's latest single and a standout track from this record follows, and instead of droning on about the loss of a partner, he attacks the song with passion and fun, pop beats.

Sounding like he never has before on 'Hit My Heart', Cardle shows he wants to make a statement with this album - it's time to be more positive and get on with things - but he does still reflect on past memories in tracks such as the heartwrenching 'I'm Not Over You'.

Title track 'Porcelain' is held until the very end of the album - a fantastic decision which sees the album rounded off in the very best possible way. "You've come through the fire and that makes you Porcelain" - clever writing.

Pushing both his vocals and the range of instruments and beats used for this offering, Matt is back and better than he's ever been.

With pop bordering on rock, and a sprinkling of soul, he appeals to a wider audience than he has before, and it's clear that he was right when he said he'd "learnt so much" from his previous two compilations.

Matt Cardle's 'Porcelain' is released October 28.

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