MMXΙΙΙ is an assortment of delicately graceful ballads with drive and rhythm.


Coming through! Coming Through! There is a new Indie/Folk band that is going to knock all of the other contenders out of the game. Matthew & Me have just released their debut EP MMXXΙΙΙ.

Imagine a musical concoction of Bon Iver, Belle & Sebastian and a hint of The Fratelli’s – that’s the Matthew & Me sound.

405 Exposure describe them as ‘Beautiful, dreamy acoustic pop.’

Hailing from Totnes in Devon, Matthew & Me might have used their surroundings perhaps to incorporate an atmospheric vibe to their sound. Whatever the meaning behind it – it definitely works.   

The dreaminess of the lead falsetto voice paired with simple acoustic melodies is Indie perfection. Listening to their music is like being lost in a lucid dream. This Totnes based folk-indie five-piece has already wowed thousands with a first taste of their wistful music.

The first track on the album is Modern Life, a haunting arrangement of guitars, soft drums and ethereal vocals. Fuelled by drums Festival has a cheerful and uplifting melody that is soaked in falsetto refrains and summer drawls.

Grow and Grow is slightly more upbeat, with electric guitar features and backing vocals. Alright has poignant vocals coating intricate drum beats.

Hide and Seek is deliciously soothing, with whispering harmonies and a light guitar melody, this is my favourite track on the EP. It is almost lullaby-like with its raw lyrics and delicate backing track.

Overall, I really loved the collection of music on this EP. MMXΙΙΙ is an assortment of delicately graceful ballads with drive and rhythm. Definitely not a disappointing find. 

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