Album Cover 'I Am Happy.'

Album Cover 'I Am Happy.'

Hailing from Sheffield, Outroads is a talented group of nine musicians that have their own distinctive sound. Lead vocalist Geoff Walsh enthrals with his raspy tone, which layers with charming harmonies and infectious guitar-fuelled melodies. 

La Da Die opens the album with a buoyant guitar melody and charismatic vocals. Good Company is another charming track with intricate acoustic guitar riffs, keys and a brooding chorus. Gravey is a smooth track with unusual lyrics. Happiness is a flare of soft harmonies, velvet vocals and strings.

She Looked Like a Friend is my favourite on the album, moody vocals fused with acoustic guitar strings, a perfect blend of Soft Blues and Folk. Best Not Make a Scene is also driven by acoustic guitar, easy-going melody with poignant lyrics and elaborate riffs.

The pace quickens with track seven, Dear Demon. We still enjoy the pleasant acoustic guitar that we were accustomed too but now we hear harmonicas, drums and rampant vocals.

This Wine is a Kiss is another slow-burning track; it showcases both Walsh’s vocals with light harmonies. Closer is another gem, with infectious guitar phrases and a durable beat it is fun yet fiery.

The album closes with I’ll Walk With You, delicate and uplifting. The slow fingerpicking melody placed with whimsical vocals leaves the listener with a lasting aura of peace.

I really enjoyed the delightful sound of the Outroads. Their slower, acoustic styled songs showcase their best talents but I believe that their louder tracks, such as Dear Demon reveals a nice division and rounds out the entire album.

I Am Happy is their third album, I will definitely be listening to their other two albums to distinguish the change in their sound over the years. 

I Am Happy is available now. 

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