Gabrielle Aplin- English Rain

Gabrielle Aplin- English Rain

Artist: Gabrielle Aplin

Album: English Rain

Label: Parlophone Records

Rating: 5/5

Gabrielle Aplin is the latest female solo artist who everyone is talking about. With the release of her debut album ‘English Rain,’ fans are excited to hear what she has in store for them. And aren’t they in for a treat!

From the early age of 14, she began writing her very first song Ghost, and at 17 made it her first title track to her first EP. As well as writing and creating songs, she also set up her own record label, ‘Never Fade Records’ and when she reached the age of 18 she had released a further two EPs. Now at the age of 20 she is only just getting started with the released of her first album, ‘English Rain.’

The album is a display of perfectly put together songs with her signature angelic, voice that gives the songs a dreamy vibe. She uses a variety of instruments including pianos and guitars, in which she taught herself how to play them both. Not only can she play her own instruments she also co-wrote all of the news songs on the album.

The most recognisable song on the album is The Power of Love which was featured on the Christmas John Lewis advert and became the talented artists’ first number one. Please don’t say you love me will be another song that you are all familiar with. Again, this is Aplin at her best singing love songs with her dreamy voice.

Panic cord which is her fist track on the album and is her third single that is available now. The song provides the listener with an exquisite collection of charming vocals, combined with excellent choices of instruments. The sound of the album, generally, contains of light folk-pop guitars and beats with pitch perfect vocals.

The title of the album ‘English Rain’ is fitting as the idea is that Aplin is an English rose. Considering her age she sings with such passion and the maturity in her voice is striking. Having over 30 million views of her songs online and sold out seven of her UK headline tours., she is definitely one to watch, and I think we will see even bigger and better things from the young artist.

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