Electronic music doesn't have to be messy, over-produced and in your face. Unfortunately, 'Cosmic' opens with a minute and a quarter of that very thing and it's enough to put you off the entire record before you've even gotten to track number two.

Arguments could be made for you to stick with it, though. 'Signs' is a much better, well-thought out tune that builds from a mysterious and hypnotic production slowly into something a little meatier. The Eastern influence can be picked up here and whilst the vocal efforts are at times disappointing, strained and simply out of tune, there are moments you can admire.

'Star Sapphire' sounds like a Kylie Minogue demo that was tossed aside (which is a theme that runs through more of the tracks than I'd first thought), and it's here that Nathassia makes the move into alternative pop rather than heavy electronic dance music.

By the time the title track comes around I'm left underwhelmed and a little bored. Nathassia's efforts are going unnoticed and it comes across as trying too hard to impress. This isn't music that pushes the boundaries of the EDM genre, and as a debut album it really needed to make more of an impact.

The build-up in 'Telepathically' is impressive and manages to regain my attention, but it's disappointing that the production is more memorable than the artist hoping to be recognised.

Everything that follows is 'more of the same'. It all blends together as if one long, solitary song that sometimes changes tempo.

'Cosmic' is available now.

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