What do Oasis' guitarist Paul Stacey, Faithless' drummer Andy Treacy and Rolling Stones' close friend and colleague Chris Kimsey all have in common? They're all some of the contributors that take part in putting some fantastic music together Noah Francis Johnson's newest EP 'Harvest Tree'.

'Bleed' is the track that opens this mini collection, and Noah's gruff, passionate vocals are as raw and stripped back as ever, proving his talent if you weren't already convinced and showing he's at his best when he's putting everything into the words he's singing.

Tracks two and three - 'I've Been Thinking' and 'For A Long Time' - are noticeably a little more tender and take a laid-back approach which means they don't make an impact quite as big as 'Bleed', but the lyrics are extremely powerful, especially in 'For A Long Time'.

"Stars get flattered while babies get battered [...] Factories are screaming while groupies keep gleaming [...] In the age of acceptance, tolerance has left us". Noah is an artist with a message. He isn't one to simply sing a song for singings sake. He's brave in his approach and for that, should be admired immensely.

Title track 'Harvest Tree' rounds off the record and again, it's rather sombre but does enough so that you sit and take note.

This is an artist who is proud of his craft, and wouldn't sell out for any amount of money. Music is Noah's passion, plain and simple, and he enjoys conveying emotions, feelings and stories through that passion. It's a rewarding listen and a great warm-up for what we expect is to come in the near future.

'Harvest Tree' is released August 18 through Last Ten Records Ltd.

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