British guitar band Pylo have returned with a second release; 'The Woman EP'.

Following their debut, they gained radio support from Rob Da Bank, Dermot O'Leary and John Kennedy amongst others, as well as some fantastic reviews.

What's clear with the opening of this short length record is they've honed in on their craft and know exactly how to manipulate sound in the best possible way for a fantastic listening experience.

The introduction comes as if it's been lifted from the opening scene of a movie, and puts you in the perfect mood for what's to come.

'Young' - their lead single from this collection - is the first 'real' track you hear, which displays how the group slowly build from soft, almost soothing beats and twangs from their guitars into something rapturous and instantly pleasant.

'Climbing Through The Sun' shows off more of the group's vocals. They're gritty and unpolished - which is what makes this all the more interesting - everything pieces together.

This seems like an extremely honest offering from the group, especially with third track 'Woman' which is your typical song about love, but untypical and untraditional in the sense you're forced to truly listen to the words and take every magical moment in, especially that scratchy but perfect vocal as the lead croons "all the way down" in the final seconds of the song.

Signing off with 'Simple Souls' was a nice touch, but it would definitely have been nice to hear something just a little more upbeat within these four tracks.

That being said, they've taken a massive leap forward and should continue to do so, improving tenfold on their last offering and proving they have what it takes to continue growing their loyal waves of fans. They can now add me to that count.

'The Woman EP' is out now through Naim Edge Records.

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