Rebecca Ferguson's back with her brand new album 'Freedom' - complete with stunning album cover artwork.

Opening with the hit single 'I Hope', her unique tone is stitched between each track and has the ability to melt any icy heart.

Her collaboration with John Legend comes on the track 'Bridges', and their voices blend together perfectly culminating in one of the best duets of this year.

Not only is she slick with her impressive ability, but she's strong, determined and sassy with it.

'My Best' is perfectly named, as it's definitely one of the album's strongest. Passionate and able to get anyone grooving, this would be a great choice for a single release.

Title track 'Freedom' rounds the record off and signs off what is her most impressive offering yet.

Rebecca needs to be given more exposure, because she's one British star who has the ability to go global with her talent.

This album's a step-up from her previous - something that's to be admired by a sophomore collection - and though her impact hasn't been as major as it could have been, it's one that's slowly growing and should reach boiling point pretty soon.

The order of tracks has been chosen with precision, slipping upbeat moments between ballads so that we're not left thinking it was all a bit 'same same'.

Rebecca will be performing on 'The X Factor' on December 1, before her album release on December 2 through RCAUK.

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