Folk-driven Robbie Boyd next week releases his debut album 'So Called Man', just two weeks after his lead single 'Less Than Friends'.

After honing his craft through hours of busking in London, Paris and Beunos Aires, he's put together a toe-tapping selection of tunes that will have even the hardest faced people jigging their leg along to the beat.

Listening without paying much attention would be a joyous experience on its own, but if you take the time to listen to Robbie's lyrics, he has the ability of storytelling that many artists lack.

His accent-inflected vocals prove he doesn't need his voice processed through a machine to leave an impression, and he's not the only talent included on the record.

Robbie's band are euphoric throughout with perfect melodies and instrumental pieces that blend well with the vocal - a lot of passion woven together through well-written tracks and raw talent.

It was "a tune originally sung to me by a blackbird" says Robbie of 'Under My Skin' which features on the record and acted as his debut single - an exciting track that stands out from the crowd and does well to introduce this talented guy to any new listeners.

Emotion is prevelant in tracks such as 'Roll The Dice' which starts off slow before speeding up into something special, and toward the end of the collection of tunes you'll be left feeling so relaxed and warmed by the songs, you could quite happily drift off to sleep in the safety of Robbie's embracing voice.

Robbie Boyd's 'So Called Man' is out May 26.

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