Rodina - Home

Rodina - Home

Leeds-based duo Rodina are back with their new studio album 'Home'.

Aoife Hearty provides the vocals alongside piano player and producer Joe Tatton.

Stuart Mccallum, Pete Shand and The Haggis Horns all also make appearances.

The lengthy opening track 'What Is It About Today?' is a feel-good piece that sets up the rest of the record perfectly.

The relaxing title track is perhaps a little too on the soft side, but pleasant enough all the same with smooth vocals and subtle piano arrangements.

Reggae track 'Living The High' is one of the album's best, bringing just the right amount of 'unique' to a genre that should rarely be tampered with.

Other standouts are from those that up the pace, including 'Mr Lee' where the jazz influence is more than felt alongside echoing lyrics and a magical touch.

As with 'Rodina And The Wolf', the collection of tracks won't be to everybody's taste, but that doesn't seem to be Rodina's aim.

What they have produced is a collection of songs they should be proud of, because they could all standalone and be recognised as their work - there's no conforming to the norm' here, and that's something to be applauded.

Rodina - 'Home' - is out now.

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