Room 94 - 'No Strings Attached'

If there's one thing you'll be able to pick up straight away about this foursome of guys, it is that Room 94 love to and know how to have a great time and enjoy revelling in their youth.

It is that tainted innocence that shines through in most of the songs on this record - the title alone being 'No Strings Attached' alludes to having purely sensual relationships - and they're not afraid to encroach on the topics that boybands of today seem to avoid in the hopes of having mainstream success.

"I just want you for one night" they sing in the fifth track, exploring the idea of using a sexual partner for gratification and then being unable to even talk to the same person on the phone, and this immaturity isn't alluring or exciting - in fact, it's a total put off.

But then there are the sweeter tunes - 'Come Calm Me Down' for one. "I was a mess until the day I met you"; but as it comes straight after 'One Night', it seems completely phony and lacking of any relatability.

They sing with American-inflected tones at times, and then switch it up so you can hear their Southern British twang, resulting in a confusing conglomeration of sounds that lead you to believe they're a group who are still finding themselves.

It's unfortunate that many of the tracks in this collection of 10 sound similar. They do slow it down for 'Dream Girl' but once again, after the four have sang about sleeping with girls and then throwing them out in the morning, it just doesn't hit the right spot.

Room 94 should continue to search for their identity, with big possibilities to go a lot further than this group of songs with bravery, but a feeling of insincerity.

'No Strings Attached' is released March 10.

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